Friday, March 29, 2013

National League Preview & Predictions



1. Philadelphia Phillies

      This team could be in for a big season depending on the health of Chase Utley
      and Ryan Howard., and Roy Halladay being able to rebound from a lackluster
      2012 season. Add a breakout season from Domonic Brown and the Phillies will
      be a team to look out for in the coming season.

2. Washington Nationals

      I'm expecting a repeat performance from this club. I see long term success in
      their future with Stephen Strasburg as the ace, and Bryce Harper as the
      cornerstone of the offense. One scout said he wouldn't be shocked by a 50-50
      season from Harper at some point in his career. I'll settle for a 30-30 season
      this year fro Harper.

3. Atlanta Braves

      The outfield has the potential to be scary good with the Upton brothers and Jason
      Heyward. The starting pitching is one potential weak spot on the team, but I expect
      Hudson and Medlen to have solid seasons.

4. N.Y. Mets

      It's going to be a rough year in New York for baseball fans. Johan Santana might
      need another shoulder surgery (guy can't catch a break lately). David Wright and
      The Marlins being an absolute joke of a franchise are the only things keeping them
      from the NL East cellar.

5. Miami Marlins

      Giancarlo Stanton. Giancarlo Stanton. Giancarlo Stanton. If you're a Marlins fan
      just keep repeating that name to yourself over the season because this guy is
      special. Outside of him, the Marlins don't have much to look forward too. How is
      Jeffrey Loria not run out of Miami by a herd of angry fans?


1. Pittsburgh Pirates

      The Pirates will need their starting pitching to find the magic from the first half of
      last season and an MVP type season from Andrew McCutchen. Starling Marte is
      someone I'm expecting big things from in his first full season in the majors.

2. Cincinnati Reds

      I think their starting pitching is up there with the best in the NL from top to
      bottom. I like the move for Aroldis Chapman back to the closer role after
      being stretched out at times over the winter.

3. St. Louis Cardinals

      Adam Wainwright will have a big bounce back year (NL CY Young a possibility),
      but I'm not impressed with the rest of the team. I do admit Shelby Miller is someone
      to follow throughout the season, but the magic of the last couple season may soon
      be fading.

4. Milwaukee Brewers

      This ranking is before any possible Ryan Braun suspension. Not saying it will
      happen, but if it does... they are in major trouble.

5. Chicago Cubs

      The Cubs have a bright future with Starlin Castro, Anthony Rizzo and Jeff Samardzija. 
      The future doesn't start this season though. Save the big expectations for the 2014
      season when the young talent has another season of conditioning and when I expect
      more talent to be on the way.


1. L.A. Dodgers

      The Dodgers offense will be fine with the likes of Adrian Gonzalez, Matt Kemp,
      Andre Ethier, Carl Crawford and Hanley Ramirez (after his return from injury).
      The big question as to their win total will be if Beckett can rebound and if Greinke
      can handle the LA spotlight and massive contract he inked.

2. San Francisco Giants

      One bad season and the world writes off Tim Lincecum. I think that's a bad move.
      With Cain and Bumgarner as the 1-2 punch, the pressure is off Lincecum and I
      fully believe he can have a strong season. Don't forget Buster Posey at catcher who's
      a game changing talent.

3. San Diego Padres

      It's tough to see the Padres truly competing, especially with their best player Chase
      Headley missing time.

4. Colorado Rockies

      Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez are stars, but have you seen their pitching?
      Their #1 starter is a guy named Jhoulys Chacin. If your answer to that was "who the
      hell is that?" then we are on the same page.

5. Arizona Diamondbacks

      Trading Justin Upton left them with a big space to fill in their lineup. I don't expect
      them to find the answer this season. There are a few bright spots on the roster though.








  1. A lot of people are writing off Roy Halladay and Tim Lincecum, but I'm not so quick to pass judgment. I want to see what they can do to start the season before I think about jumping ship.

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