Wednesday, April 3, 2013

NBA: My Starting Five

PG: Rajon Rondo* (27)

      For my perfect lineup I'd want a point guard who looks to pass first and shoot as a second option. I need a facilitator, someone who can run the offense with ease. They must be quick enough to be able to handle the fast break, but also able to slow the game down when needed. Defensive skills and rebounding from the position are a plus. 
Rajon Rondo exhibits all of these qualities and is coached by former point guard and current Celtics coach in Doc Rivers. Rondo has been among the league leaders in assists for the last five seasons, and in the last three seasons has averaged over 11 assists per game (insane assist rate!). Mix in his rebounding ability and the turnovers he forces, and you have exactly what I described in the point guard I'd like for my perfect lineup.

SG: LeBron James (28)

Any current dream lineup needs to include both Kevin Durant and LeBron James. Currently LeBron plays small forward in the Miami Heat lineup, but his versatility, size, and freakish athleticism allow him to play defense against nearly every guard or forward in the league (and some centers). LeBron can man-up on players from the likes of Rajon Rondo to Kobe Bryant thanks to his All-NBA defense. Offensively, LeBron is able to play any position from the 1 to 5, thanks again to his athleticism & freakish size. Not only will LeBron be able to score consistently, but he will stop the opponents SG with his lock down defense.

SF: Kevin Durant (24)

What can I say about Kevin Durant, other then the dude can flat out score the basketball? I mean he has won the scoring title in each of the past three seasons. Durant has exhibited his "clutch" ability in the Olympics and in the Western Conference playoffs over the last few seasons. At 24 years old he continues to grow as a player-- seen by his career highs in steals, blocks assists, FG %, and FT % this season. I see no limit to Durant's potential.

PF: Kevin Love* (24)

Kevin Love is easily the best power forward in the league and is one of the most dominate big men (when healthy). Love's ability to rebound is unmatched in today's NBA. Add in the fact that Love has a career 3PT % of 35.2, and you have a big body who can rebound and shoot the 3-ball when needed. In fact, Love is the only player in NBA history to averages 20 points, and 13 rebounds per game while shooting over 37 percent from downtown in a season (and he's done it TWICE!) He is redefining the PF position right before our eyes. This ability allows him to stretch out defenses because he isn't afraid to step back to make a shot. 

C: Marc Gasol (28)

  Marc Gasol is an All-Star and an Olympic Silver medalist. The Grizzlies have been contenders the last couple seasons because of the production and consistency of Gasol's game. Gasol gives you offensive and defensive production, with his only area of weakness being his rebounding rate. That can be overlooked thanks to Kevin Love being more than able to handle the boards. Marc is no longer known as Pau's little brother.

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